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Rustic Wooden Wedding Guest Book

Original price $65.00 - Original price $160.00
Original price
$65.00 - $160.00
Current price $65.00

Please allow 7-14 business days (business days are Mon-Fri) for your order to be created. This provides enough time to give each order the attention it deserves.

This is amazing way to remember your beautiful day with your guests, friends and family members. 3D Raised lettered sign with The FAMILY NAME and Established date. This is an amazing and unique wedding guestbook to save for lifetime. It will be one of the most complimented items of the night! You will have this wall art hanging in your home rather than a guestbook stuffed away in storage. You will always remember that memorable day and remember your friends.

Round Boards are Premium Quality 1/2" Baltic Birch and 3D raised letters. Base board is fine finished (double sand) to ensure a smooth and easy signing surface. Saw-tooth hanger installed on back for easy hanging.

Available in 18", 24”,30” and 36" (pictured items size is 24") approx. number of signs are;
18" up to 50 guests (25 signatures +/-)
24" up to 120 guests (60 signatures +/-)
30" up to 175 guests (85 signatures +/-)
36" up to 250 guests (125 signatures +/-)

*** We suggest sharpie oil based markers(any color) or white Chalk Marker.

- If your last name ends with “s, x, z, ch, sh”, then add an “es” at the end. [ "Jonas" --> "the Jonases" ]
- If your last name ends with any other letter, just add an "s" . [ "Smith" --> "the Smiths" ]
- If it's your personal wish to add an apostrophe to your name, please add it to your personalization and we will cut it exactly as provided.
► Names will be cut out exactly as provided.
We do not "fix", add or remove anything (apostrophes / "s" / "es" / etc.)

WHY US? With the millions of creative minds, it's become challenging to offer a truly unique handmade piece. Ideas come and go, copycats come and go. We have 2 goals: produce high-quality unique products and provide great customer service. When you see the designs in our shop, please know that we tried to do something to make it our own. We do our very best to make a product that you will enjoy and feel you got your money's worth! We're also available to quickly respond to general questions and custom inquires. Thanks for taking the time to check us out! We hope you enjoy your new home decor.

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Ggg Ggg

Love it! Perfect for the wedding