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Laser Engraved Wood Photo with Frame

Original price $50.00 - Original price $360.00
Original price
$50.00 - $360.00
Current price $50.00

Please allow 7-14 business days (business days are Mon-Fri) for your order to be created. This provides enough time to give each order the attention it deserves.

These laser engraved photos on wood are a unique way to archive and display your most cherished photos. Your personal photo will be physically engraved into surface of the wood, creating a beautiful piece that will last a lifetime, and a unique family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations!

PLEASE ONLY submit high resolution photos. High contrast between the subject and background / surroundings make for a better engraving. Low resolution photos with a lot of pixelation, or photos without much color contrast will cause the engraving to be of equally poor quality.

The photos will be sized in common photo specs like 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, or 11x14. Ask for custom sizes.
Your wooden photo will be engraved onto 1/2" thick high quality maple Plywood enclosed in a handmade frame to accent your photo and match any decor!

WHY US? With the millions of creative minds, it's become challenging to offer a truly unique handmade piece. Ideas come and go, copycats come and go. We have 2 goals: produce high-quality unique products and provide great customer service. When you see the designs in our shop, please know that we tried to do something to make it our own. We do our very best to make a product that you will enjoy and feel you got your money's worth! We're also available to quickly respond to general questions and custom inquires. Thanks for taking the time to check us out! We hope you enjoy your new home decor.

Customer Reviews

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Peter Monteagudo
custom laser engraved wood photo 10x12

the photo turned out incredible. I was worried the finer details wouldn't show up but they look great! I bought this for a friend, his father passed away and I wanted to give him a nice gift. The semper-kik customer service was unbelievable. It's so nice to know there are still business that care about their customers and will go that extra mile to produce an amazing custom product. The communication was so fast and easy. They wanted to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for, and I certainly did. For the level of quality and attention to detail, I would gladly have paid double what I was charged. I can't thank them enough. Keep up the amazing work! My friend received his gift today and was speechless. Thank you for helping create that moment for him/me.