Premium 12x20 Acrylic sheet, DOUBLE-SIDE glitter acrylic for laser cutting and crafts, 3mm thickness cast acrylic.


Size: 12" x 20"

Thickness: 1/8"

This 1/8" thick glitter Acrylic Sheet is a particularly special type of sheet! Carefully manufactured to have deep and complex glitter characteristics. This type of sheet is a departure from conventional acrylic sheet types and can open up more possibilities in jewelry making or display making applications.

We only sell the very best acrylic sheet, offering excellent optical characteristics, thickness tolerances, and light-stability.

Used for laser cutting & engraving, CNC routing, fabrication, and general acrylic sheet use making it perfect for hundreds of craft applications.

Sheets are double sided, 3mm (1/8") thick laser safe cast acrylic. Cuts beautifully with “GF” proof grade settings.

We have plastic mask to prevent scratching on acrylic. When you cut, we recommend to peel the plastic off.

Flat rate Shipping box is $20

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